Hungry Ghost” by ARRAYS Navigating a Sonic Landscape of Chaos and Reflection

ARRAYS, the brainchild of accomplished musician and producer JP Carroll from Auckland, New Zealand, unveils its latest sonic creation with the single “Hungry Ghost.” In this musical endeavor, JP Carroll, who has earned recognition as the Best International Male Artist by Radio Wigwam in 2022, presents an avant-garde piece that seamlessly melds elements of 90’s grunge, early 2000’s alternative rock, and contemporary metalcore and progressive metal.


The track serves as a compelling introduction to ARRAYS’ fourth album, ARTEFACTS, a project that encapsulates Carroll’s commitment to accessible hooks entwined with heavy guitar riffs, dynamic screams, and exhilarating breakdowns. “Hungry Ghost” stands out as a prog-rock-tinged narrative exploring a hypothetical universe on the brink of calamity, offering listeners a glimpse into a post-COVID era. Carroll’s musical journey, which includes his involvement in the well-regarded band Armed In Advance and his current role as the frontman for Auckland’s Swerve City, has contributed to the rich tapestry of influences apparent in ARRAYS’ sound. The single showcases not only his prowess as a musician but also his dedication to pushing boundaries within the rock genre.

As a standalone piece, “Hungry Ghost” invites listeners on a sonic odyssey, guiding them through a landscape of chaos and reflection. With its intricate musical arrangements and thought-provoking themes, the track solidifies ARRAYS as a force in the alternative rock and metal scene, with JP Carroll at the helm steering the audience through an exhilarating sonic experience.

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