“HEY YOU” by Ant Tarrant: A Wedding Anthem in Disguise

Ant Tarrant’s “HEY YOU” is more than just a song; it’s a celebration of love, a testament to his ability to craft melodies that resonate with the deepest emotions. Originally conceived after Tarrant’s triumph in a national competition with Skinny Mobile, this track is a labor of love that mirrors his passion for connecting people. The song’s genesis lies in Tarrant’s desire to create something truly special for this occasion. Produced in his personal studio, “HEY YOU” carries an infectious energy, driven by the enchanting presence of Tarrant’s sparkly synth. With its nostalgic nod to the 80’s, the song exudes a vibrant, retro charm that’s impossible to resist.


Tarrant’s candor shines through as he playfully admits to stumbling upon what could very well be a perfect wedding anthem. His pride in this accidental creation is palpable, and rightfully so. “HEY YOU” encapsulates the essence of love, making it an ideal soundtrack for those seeking to bask in its warm embrace. This song is a universal invitation to revel in love’s glory, reaching out to every heart that yearns for or is already enveloped in its tender embrace. Tarrant’s words serve as an encouraging nudge, urging us all to seize the opportunity to experience the magic of love.


“HEY YOU” is more than music; it’s a testament to Ant Tarrant’s ability to tap into the fundamental human experience of love and connection, leaving listeners eager for more of his heartfelt compositions.

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