Herds’ Psychedelic Journey ‘Falling Wide Awake’ Sheds New Light

Herds’ latest single, “Falling Wide Awake,” continues to stand as an exciting glimpse into their forthcoming album. This release demonstrates the band’s evolution since their days as The Amber Herd, showcasing their musical prowess and diverse range. With a decade of experience and performances at prestigious festivals and venues, Herds has solidified their presence in the indie rock scene.


Following significant changes in name and personnel in 2022, Herds is set to release their highly anticipated second album. Recorded at JT Soar, Nottingham, with the expertise of Phil Booth (known for his work with Sleaford Mods), “Falling Wide Awake” is an engaging eight-song, 55-minute odyssey. The album spans from the prog-infused psych rock of “Innsbruck” to the poignant lockdown ballad “Strange Caravans,” featuring additional vocals by Ali Taylor. It also delivers a punch with the sub-two minute punk blast of “Faith” and concludes with the epic 15-minute fusion of acoustic blues and electronic elements in “New Year.”

To celebrate the release, Herds hosted a special launch show at the Liquid Light Craft Brewery in Sneinton, Nottingham. Fans can catch them live again at HRH Prog XII in Great Yarmouth on November 11th. With Neil Beards on vocals and acoustic guitar, Al Duncan on bass guitar, Ollie Powditch on keys, Mark Lasbury on drums, and Paul Wentworth on electric guitar and vocals, Herds promises an unforgettable musical experience. Stay updated with their latest news and updates on social media @Herds.Band. Don’t miss out on this captivating sonic journey!

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