“Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher Unleash Raw Power in ‘The Rules of the House'”

Manchester’s Harry Stafford, known for his role in the Inca Babies, and US-based trash blues guitarist Marco Butcher, join forces once again to present “The Rules of the House.” This single is the second glimpse into their upcoming album, “We Are The Perilous Men,” set to release in September through Black Lagoon Records. The accompanying video, directed by Harry Stafford with contributions from Marco Butcher and Jonny Stafford, was shot across Wales and North Carolina in 2023. The track is a showcase of Marco’s unapologetic rock prowess, featuring an onslaught of powerful guitars and drums. Harry’s evocative storytelling draws inspiration from a pub owner’s no-nonsense list of house rules, one of which, Harry recalls, was the timeless command to “get a round in.”


Marco Butcher aptly describes “Rules of the House” as a diabolical and swampy composition, seamlessly merging a solid groove with edgy ‘No Wave’ guitars that cut and dance with the rhythm. This single follows their lead track, “Walk Among The Spectres,” which delves into the fragility of our own mortality, its video filmed amidst the tombstones of Southern Cemetery in Didsbury, South Manchester. Continuing their tradition of long-distance collaboration between North Carolina and Manchester, the duo has created an album that exudes infectious energy and spirit. Marco Butcher, based in North Carolina, brings his Brazil-raised trash blues guitar skills to the table, providing a solid backbone that ranges from bluesy chaos to intricate electro beats.

“The Rules of the House” is now available on various music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. The full album, “We Are The Perilous Men,” will drop on September 8 and will be accessible both on black vinyl and digitally. With this release, Harry Stafford and Marco Butcher reaffirm their status as musical forces to be reckoned with, effortlessly weaving genres and themes to create a raw yet captivating sonic experience.

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