Harmonizing Heights Shane Rennison’s Live Evolution at the Outlier Inn

Shane Rennison, the soulful singer-songwriter, unveils a magnetic Live EP titled “Live at the Outlier Inn,” recorded with his band at the prestigious Outlier Inn Studio in Mountaindale, NY.  This EP captures Rennison’s metamorphosis from a solo artist to a dynamic force in the indie pop and pop-rock scene. Hailing from the scenic Catskills of Upstate New York, Rennison’s musical roots intertwine with the region’s natural beauty. His latest EP, “Nice To Meet You,” exudes authenticity, offering five tracks that provide a heartfelt glimpse into Rennison’s wide-open heart and his cherished home in the Catskill Mountains.


Teaming up with composer and audio engineer Julian Giaimo signifies Shane’s growth and enthusiasm as he explores and expands his musical horizons. The Live EP, a collaboration with a band, reflects Rennison’s evolution beyond solo performances at local Catskills venues, where he has covered an eclectic range of over 150 bands. The Live EP features three tracks, including the single “Closer” from 2022, along with “Ghost” and “Drunk” from the “Nice To Meet You” EP. The live performances, skillfully captured by the video team of Mike Bloom and Josh Baron, offer an immersive visual experience, with “Ghost” and “Drunk” videos released in October and November, respectively.

In reflecting on the project, Rennison notes, “This project was a way for me personally to see if I was capable of playing with a band. The success of the project speaks volumes to the people I had helping me. From the video team to the band, there was experience and expertise in that room, and we were able to use that to create something truly special.” The anticipation for the full Live EP is palpable, paving the way for Rennison’s exciting journey with a full band setting. As the completion of the eagerly awaited debut album looms for an early 2024 release, Shane Rennison’s musical trajectory is undeniably on the rise, promising more enchanting moments for fans and music enthusiasts alike.

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