“Harmonious Serenity, Eckman & Borelius Craft Calm in Musical Form”

Eckman & Borelius craft music that washes over you like a gentle wave, a soothing amalgamation of piano, vocals, and subtle instrumental nuances. It’s a serene sonic experience that transcends the chaos of modern life, offering solace in its simplicity. Comprising of Johan Eckman, a multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist, and Tobias Borelius, the expressive vocalist, this musical duo found their synergy through work, bonding over a shared fascination with microphones. Their journey began with a Christmas song that proved a success, leading them to delve deeper into their collaborative potential, focusing primarily on the intimate combination of piano and vocals.


Influenced by a range of artists including Swedish luminaries like Håkan Hellström and Hederos & Hellberg, along with global acts like Coldplay, Taylor Swift, and The National, Eckman & Borelius infuse their music with a sense of contemplation and purpose. While their live presence has yet to be unveiled on notable stages or screens, their music emanates from personal spaces, emanating a warmth and familiarity that transcends studio walls. The essence of their work revolves around a vital message — the imperative to care for our planet, a legacy we bequeath to our children.

In the words of Eckman & Borelius, their music is tailored for the nocturnal hours — an invitation to dim the lights, unwind, and liberate oneself in its embrace. It’s an auditory refuge, offering a respite from the frenetic pace of the world, and an exquisite testament to the power of simplicity in music.

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