Grooving Through Amsterdam’s Vibe Lemon’s ‘You Keep Me On Track’ Signals the Arrival of the Third Summer of Love

Lemon, the Dutch indie rock sensation hailing from the vibrant streets of Amsterdam, has just dropped their latest single, “You Keep Me On Track,” marking their debut release under the London-based indie label, The Animal Farm. This Madchester-infused anthem, enriched by the sultry vocals of Cath Coffey from the legendary Stereo MC’s, is making waves with its groovy beats and psychedelic vibes. In a musical journey that captures the essence of the Second Summer of Love, Lemon’s infectious sound is a potent concoction of euphoria and indie funk, radiating the unmistakable aroma of Amsterdam. The track’s celebrative and nostalgic nature has garnered praise from various blogs, earning its well-deserved recognition in the indie music scene.


EDM Records describes “You Keep Me On Track” as a funky alt-rock tune that sets the perfect party vibe, resonating an all-good atmosphere. Good Music Radar, captivated by the delightful fumes of indie funk and euphoric melodies, draws parallels to the mesmerizing psychedelia reminiscent of Talking Heads. Lemon’s lineup, consisting of Mark ‘Bong The Bass’ Bongers, Paul Hesen, Ralf Hesen, and Thomas Gense, showcases a fusion of influences ranging from David Bowie to the soulful beats of Funk music. Growing up amidst the rave scene in Amsterdam, the band became enamored with the Madchester sound, blending indie, acid house, and psychedelia into their unique sonic cocktail.

Despite facing challenges, including a legal battle that temporarily halted their plans, Lemon has regrouped, bringing forth their unabashedly celebrative indie disco grooves. “You Keep Me On Track” not only signals a triumphant return for Lemon but also teases the arrival of the Third Summer Of Love, promising a new era of infectious and nostalgic indie rock. The song encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Lemon, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating what’s to come from this dynamic Dutch ensemble.

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