Goddess Country Disco Sam’s Vibrant Ode to Women and Musical Fusion

“Goddess Country” is a debut album that seamlessly blends disco, synth-pop, and 80s rock, delivering a sincere and vibrant musical experience. Disco Sam, the talented artist behind the project, showcases his versatility by taking on vocals, guitar, violin, bass, keyboards, and drum programming. His musical journey began at an astonishingly young age, with a lifelong dedication to honing his skills in home-recording.


Influenced by the likes of Dam-Funk, Chromeo, Alex Cameron, Chic, and Depeche Mode, Disco Sam’s sound is a testament to his diverse musical palette. His EP, “Live from Rehab,” garnered praise from Dam-Funk himself, but “Goddess Country” surpasses even that, promising a new level of musical brilliance. Sam’s artistic prowess extends beyond his musical talents. He once played one of Meryl Streep’s violin students in the Wes Craven movie “Music of the Heart,” adding a unique twist to his artistic journey.

With “Goddess Country,” Disco Sam crafts an ode to the power of women, emphasizing the profound connections that form their own sovereign territory, distinct from the geographical boundaries we see on maps. In Sam’s own words, “The whole point of my music is to make love songs that are also fun to listen to,” and “Goddess Country” certainly delivers on that promise. This debut album not only pays homage to influential musical eras but also celebrates the enduring strength and grace of women. Disco Sam’s multi-faceted approach to music production and his genuine dedication to his craft shine through in this impressive musical debut.

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