Glass Cabin’s Alt-Country Alchemy: Exploring the Depths of Emotion in ‘Glass Cabin 2’

Nashville’s alt-country visionaries, Glass Cabin, have once again graced the music scene with their soul-stirring melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. In their sophomore album, “Glass Cabin 2,” the duo, comprised of singer-songwriter Jess Brown and versatile multi-instrumentalist David Flint, continues to navigate the intricate landscape of Americana, delivering a sonic experience that transcends traditional genre boundaries. The album, recorded at FlintLand Studio on the outskirts of Nashville, is a testament to Glass Cabin’s evolution since their self-titled debut in 2021. Their music, described as “hard-edged, dreamlike songs of unease and unrest,” beautifully blends country rock with folk influences, creating a sound that is uniquely their own.


Jess Brown, with an illustrious career as a songwriter for renowned artists, brings a wealth of storytelling to Glass Cabin’s music. Songs like “Little Past Little Rock” for Lee Ann Womack and “Break Down Here” for Julie Roberts and Trace Adkins showcase his ability to craft hits. Meanwhile, David Flint, a seasoned musician with roots in country rock, brings his instrumental prowess to the table. The essence of Glass Cabin’s music lies in the exploration of the human experience, and “Glass Cabin 2” follows suit. LONESOME HIGHWAY praises the album, stating it is “hard-edged heartland Americana at its finest” and captures the essence of a “country noir novel.” The EP was recorded and mastered at FlintLand Studio, contributing to the authentic and intimate feel of the music. The band’s ethos is rooted in the exploration of alt-country, rock, and folk, seeking moments of magic between light and dark, cautionary tales, and moments of greeting and farewell.

Notable events surrounding the recording involve Jess Brown drawing inspiration from his nomadic teenage years, living in a car and hitchhiking across states—a profound backdrop for the deeply emotive music. In the words of Jess Brown, “Writing songs saves me every day and night as long as I remember to be the kid dreaming with his cheap guitar.” With Glass Cabin 2, the duo invites listeners to immerse themselves in a musical journey where each note carries the weight of experience, and the melodies linger in the soul long after the last chord fades away.

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