Gimme A Laser (Kyrie Eleison) Navigating the Neurodivergent Cosmos with Sarah Marie Nicolosi

In the vast universe of music, Sarah Marie Nicolosi and her neurodivergent ensemble stand as celestial navigators, steering their sonic spacecraft through the uncharted territories of philosophy, mathematics, and art. Their latest single, “Gimme A Laser (Kyrie Eleison),” emerges as a kaleidoscopic sonic odyssey, a testament to the boundless possibilities when creativity and neurodivergent perspectives converge. The composition, a harmonic fusion of synth, drums, guitar, and an eclectic array of instruments, envelops listeners in a cosmic soundscape reminiscent of ’80s synth and EDM influences. From the ethereal melodies to the pulsating rhythms, the song paints an auditory canvas that transcends conventional boundaries.


At its core, “Gimme A Laser (Kyrie Eleison)” is a sonic manifestation of the Golden Mean, a musical Fibonacci spiral that weaves through the tapestry of ancient wisdom. Each note becomes a numerical expression, a sum of its predecessors, creating an infinite sequence that mirrors the boundless nature of creativity. The song, with its intricate composition, invites listeners to embark on a journey—a synesthetic exploration where sound and intellect converge. Beyond the auditory realm, Nicolosi’s endeavor extends into the conceptual, resonating with the philosophy of Meden Agan—”Nothing To Excess.” As a recipient of the Creative Support for Individuals grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, Nicolosi’s work becomes a beacon, urging neurodivergent individuals to embrace their innate curiosity and explore the multifaceted world around them.

In the process of crafting this sonic masterpiece, the musicians stumbled upon the magic of modal composition, unlocking synesthetic experiences that elevate the listening journey. “Gimme A Laser (Kyrie Eleison)” is not just a song; it’s a celestial adventure—an immersive experience that beckons listeners to traverse the cosmic landscapes of creativity and revel in the beauty of neurodivergent expression. With every note, Nicolosi and her ensemble guide us through the cosmos, inviting us to dance among the stars of their unique sonic constellation.

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