Frank Song Jr.’s “Aphrodite” A Mesmerizing Odyssey of Queer Love

In the heartbeat of New York City, the multitalented artist Frank Song Jr. introduces us to the enchanting world of his latest single, “Aphrodite.” This musical revelation marks a departure from Song Jr.’s acoustic singer-songwriter roots, leading us into the sultry realms of R&B and sexy pop music. More than just a sonic evolution, “Aphrodite” unfolds as a love spell and a poignant prayer released into the vast expanse of the universe.


As the sole craftsman behind the music, Frank Song Jr. takes charge of vocals, strings, and guitar, infusing every chord with his diverse musical influences. Drawing inspiration from luminaries like Erykah Badu, Lianne La Havas, and Whitney Houston, Song Jr. effortlessly blends American and East Asian folk, R&B, and soul into a tapestry of sound that is uniquely his own. The genesis of “Aphrodite” occurred in the quietude of New Haven, Connecticut, courtesy of SanSerif recording, accompanied by the harmonious background vocals of Jordan Maia. Beyond being a mere song, “Aphrodite” emerges from the depths of Song Jr.’s personal desires and experiences. It serves as a testament to his resilience post-breakup and a transformative conversation with a friend that spurred the idea of transmuting desires into a lyrical spell.

This single is not just an auditory experience; it’s an immersive journey into Song Jr.’s mission to spotlight queer BIPOC narratives. “Aphrodite” becomes a lyrical prayer to the goddess of love, a plea for self-love to manifest in a future partner. It’s an unabashed celebration of desire, sensuality, and the universal quest for profound connections. As the melodies of “Aphrodite” weave their seductive magic, listeners are invited into a realm where love and self-discovery dance hand in hand. Far beyond being a song, it serves as an alluring gateway to uncharted dimensions of passion and connection. Frank Song Jr. doesn’t just share a musical piece; he unfolds a captivating invocation—a potent blend of vulnerability, desire, and the hope that, through this anthem, others may embark on their own epic love stories.

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