Firebird Union, Breathing New Life into 90s Guitar Sound

In a tale of two cities, London and Los Angeles, brothers Ross and Matt Churchill come together through music, transcending the vast expanse of an ocean. Their brainchild, Firebird Union, is the epitome of transatlantic collaboration, blending the rich tapestry of British and American synth and guitar music. “Higher Ground,” their debut single, is a sonic revelation that captures the essence of 90s culture, masterfully modernized for contemporary audiences. Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Noel Gallagher, Fleet Foxes, and HAIM, Firebird Union takes the classic guitar sound to new heights, exploring the sonic possibilities offered by modern technology.


The track itself is a pulsating, disco-infused anthem that serves as a stark reminder of the impending apocalypse. It juxtaposes the intimacy of human experience against the backdrop of a colossal, world-altering event—a reflection on time running out. Having honed their craft on local stages in Watford, Firebird Union’s journey has been one of evolution and individual pursuit. Ross, co-founder of the electronic duo Pariis Opera House, made waves in the music scene with support from BBC Introducing and notable appearances alongside industry giants like Example and Zane Lowe. Matt, on the other hand, embarked on a solo journey, garnering acclaim on platforms like BBC 6 Music and XRP Radio.

The story of Firebird Union is one of resilience, creativity, and an unbreakable bond between brothers. It’s a testament to the power of music to bridge divides, whether they be geographical or temporal. As they stand on the precipice of a new musical era, Firebird Union is poised to make waves that resonate far beyond their transatlantic origins.

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