Farmtime, Amanda Emblem’s Serene Musical Odyssey

Amanda Emblem’s EP “Farmtime” is a soulful and introspective journey through the landscapes of rural Queensland, capturing the essence of her life amidst the serene beauty of nature.  This EP is a testament to Amanda’s evolution as a songwriter and her deep connection to her surroundings.


The opening track, “Waterfall,” sets a tranquil tone with its gentle acoustic guitar and soothing vocals. It serves as a perfect introduction to the EP, inviting listeners into Amanda’s world of reflection and contemplation. “Of Course I Do” delves into themes of love and commitment with heartfelt lyrics and poignant melodies. The simplicity of the arrangement allows Amanda’s vocals to shine, drawing listeners into the emotional depth of the song. “Middle of the Night” takes a haunting turn, exploring the solitude and introspection that often accompany darkness. The ethereal instrumentation creates a captivating atmosphere, immersing listeners in the raw emotion of the track. “General Consensus” ventures into existential territory, addressing life’s uncertainties and philosophical questions. Amanda’s introspective lyrics provoke thought and reflection, showcasing her ability to weave profound themes into her music.

The EP reaches its climax with “Aphrodisia,” a captivating track that encapsulates the essence of “Farmtime.” Against a backdrop of lush instrumentation, Amanda paints a vivid picture of rural life, from the enchanting sight of deer by a creek to the challenges of tending to her animals.  “Farmtime” is a masterful blend of folk, rock, and blues influences, showcasing Amanda Emblem’s versatility as a songwriter and musician. Each track offers a glimpse into her world, inviting listeners on a transformative journey of self-discovery and connection to the land. With its evocative lyrics and enchanting melodies, “Farmtime” is a testament to Amanda’s artistic vision and her ability to create music that resonates deeply with the soul.

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