Fairytales Unveiled Dame Zina’s Electro-Rock Alchemy of Magic, Femininity, and Sonic Mastery

Dame Zina’s third album, “Fairytales,” is a captivating journey through the realms of magic, womanhood, and sonic exploration. Rooted in the electro-rock style that has become their signature, the French daughter/father duo has crafted a collection that intricately weaves together elements of Portishead’s intimacy, Bjork’s artpop, Rita Mitsouko’s boldness, and Kate Bush’s ethereal high pitches. The album delves into themes of feminism, freedom, acceptance, and the desire to break free from daily pressures. “Witch Circle,” the leading single and music video, sets the tone by exploring the symbol of women’s power—witchcraft. It’s a potent initiation into an album that is not just a musical endeavor but a deeply personal and intimate expression of Dame Zina’s inner thoughts and secret garden.


Throughout “Fairytales,” the duo fearlessly explores various styles, from electro and artpop to experimental and spoken word. The album takes an unexpected turn with a fully atonal/dodecaphonic song, showcasing their willingness to push boundaries. The tracklist reads like a magical incantation, with each song offering a unique spell. From the poetic opener addressing Dame Zina’s inner fight for freedom to the powerful “Dragons and Fairies,” inspired by her children’s books promoting equality through magical creatures, each composition is a chapter in a spellbinding narrative.

Dame Zina and Y, the artistic minds behind the project, blend English and French seamlessly, adding to the album’s enchanting diversity. The versatility is evident in tracks like “Missis Sun and Lady Moon,” where they imagine the romance between the sun and moon as lesbian lovers. The album’s finale, “Lullaby for a Fairy,” brings a soft touch, serving as a gentle conclusion to the enchanting journey. As “Fairytales” unfolds, Dame Zina’s storytelling prowess shines, creating not just an album but a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and musical innovation. It’s an invitation to step into their world, embrace the magic, and embark on a sonic journey that transcends genres and conventions. “Fairytales” is a testament to the duo’s artistic depth, an intricate dance between fantasy and reality that leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

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