Exploring Musical Landscapes, A Review of Dave Hawley’s ‘Open Till Late’

Dave Hawley’s latest musical endeavor, “Open Till Late,” is a testament to his artistic prowess and collaborative spirit. Released on March 8, 2024, this ten-track album showcases a fusion of genres and talents, featuring Dave Hawley on guitars, bass, keys, percussion, and vocals, alongside Eric Buratty on drums, James Bjork on saxophones, and Jen Hawley on trumpets, vocals, and harmonica.


Each track on “Open Till Late” serves as a unique sonic journey, painting vivid landscapes of emotion and musical exploration. From the soulful musings of “Suadade” to the lively rhythms of “Blatherskite,” the album encapsulates a diverse range of styles and influences. The single-word titles of the songs offer glimpses into the thematic depth and artistic expression present throughout the album. “Thrum” captures the listener’s attention with its introspective melodies, while “Munge” delves into the realms of fusion, blending intricate rhythms with soaring saxophone lines. “Stravaig” takes the listener on a journey of musical discovery, weaving together layers of sound and texture to create a captivating auditory experience. As the album progresses, tracks like “Peripatetic” and “Eigengrau” showcase Hawley’s compositional prowess, inviting listeners to explore the depths of sound and emotion. “Propinquity” exudes a sense of intimacy and connection, while “Fettle” and “Bogue” close out the album with infectious energy and musical ingenuity.

Beyond the music, Dave Hawley’s journey as a musician is marked by dedication and innovation. Hailing from Germantown, MD, his musical evolution has been shaped by a series of releases that have garnered acclaim from audiences and critics alike. His tracks have found their way onto curated playlists and music blogs, solidifying his presence in the contemporary music scene. “Open Till Late” stands as a testament to Dave Hawley’s artistic vision and collaborative ethos. With its diverse array of sounds and themes, the album invites listeners to embark on a sonic adventure, where creativity knows no bounds. In each track, Hawley and his fellow musicians craft a world of musical exploration and introspection, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.


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