Exploring Musical Depths Taner B Frenzy’s ‘Ultra Instrumental Frenzy side B’

Taner B Frenzy’s latest album, “Ultra Instrumental Frenzy side B,” emerges as a testament to the artist’s dedication and creative vision. Composed, played, and recorded entirely by Taner B Frenzy himself, this album is a labor of love, reflecting his passion for music and his desire to offer listeners something truly unique and refreshing.The album’s genesis lies in Taner B Frenzy’s belief that his compositions deserve recognition and appreciation. Through meticulous planning, preparation, and effort, he endeavors to create music that resonates with audiences, offering an alternative sound that stands out amidst contemporary offerings.


“Ultra Instrumental Frenzy side B” showcases Taner B Frenzy’s diverse musical influences and versatile skill set. Recorded on a DSP03 8-track Tascam at home, the album captures the essence of Taner B Frenzy’s musical journey, from nostalgic tributes to original compositions. The album opens with “A West B Ward,” a track that sets the stage for the sonic exploration to follow. With its blend of nostalgic charm and contemporary flair, the song invites listeners into a world of adventure and anticipation. “Chasing Another Time – Chasing Time Instrumental Version” takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey, characterized by intricate guitar work and pulsating rhythms. The instrumental rendition allows Taner B Frenzy’s musical prowess to shine, captivating listeners with its dynamic energy.

“Spanish Codetta” showcases Taner B Frenzy’s versatility, drawing inspiration from Spanish flamenco music. Through captivating guitar passages and emotive harmonies, the track evokes a sense of passion and intensity, immersing listeners in its vibrant soundscape. The album concludes with “Slow Dance Dreaming – Real Creators World Instrumental Version,” a contemplative piece that invites introspection. Through haunting melodies and ethereal atmospheres, Taner B Frenzy creates a dreamlike reverie, encouraging listeners to reflect on their innermost thoughts and emotions. “Ultra Instrumental Frenzy side B” is more than just an album; it’s a testament to Taner B Frenzy’s artistry and dedication to his craft. With its diverse array of tracks and rich musical tapestry, the album captivates listeners, leaving a lasting impression and reaffirming Taner B Frenzy’s place as a true innovator in instrumental music.

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