Exploding Pig Unleashes Eclectic Brilliance with ‘Jazz Futura’

Austria’s avant-garde music scene has a new luminary, and it goes by the name Exploding Pig. Comprising Luis Bonilla on trombone, Fabio Schurischuster on guitar, Albrecht Klinger on bass guitar, and Bernhard Wimmer on drums, this eclectic ensemble presents their groundbreaking album, “Jazz Futura,” where genre boundaries blur into an exhilarating soundscape. The album kicks off with “Trentin Quarantino (2023 Version),” a track that sets the tone for the entire musical journey. The trombone’s resonant tones weave through funky guitar riffs and a pulsating rhythm section, creating a sonic landscape that is as infectious as it is innovative. The 2023 version injects a contemporary flair, illustrating the band’s commitment to evolving their sound while maintaining the track’s original essence.


Moving deeper into the album, “Licor de Nacho” stands out as a testament to Exploding Pig’s ability to seamlessly blend diverse influences. The track unfolds like a musical odyssey, featuring dynamic shifts between jazz, hip-hop, and psychedelic elements. Albrecht Klinger’s bass guitar provides a solid foundation, allowing the trombone and guitar to engage in a musical dance that defies categorization. “Batman on Acid” showcases the band’s penchant for the experimental. The title alone suggests a journey into uncharted territories, and the music does not disappoint. Bernhard Wimmer’s drums take center stage, driving the track forward with unconventional rhythms, while Fabio Schurischuster’s guitar work adds a touch of unpredictability. The result is a sonic adventure that pushes the boundaries of conventional jazz, inviting listeners into a realm where imagination knows no limits.

The album’s diversity is further highlighted with tracks like “Lebowskis Nightflight,” where Exploding Pig delivers a cinematic experience through their music. The trombone takes on a melodic quality, intertwining with the guitar to create a dreamlike atmosphere. The rhythmic precision of Albrecht Klinger and Bernhard Wimmer anchors the track, providing a solid foundation for the band’s sonic explorations. “Jazz Futura” isn’t merely an album; it’s a manifesto of artistic freedom and creative fearlessness. The trio of Luis Bonilla, Fabio Schurischuster, and Albi Klinger, under the rhythmic guidance of Bernhard Wimmer, propels listeners into uncharted territory where each track is a sonic adventure. Exploding Pig has not only crafted an album; they’ve sculpted an immersive experience that challenges, delights, and redefines the very essence of contemporary jazz.

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