Exceptional Failures’ ‘Cherry Mist’ A Sonic Odyssey of Unrestrained Energy

Portland’s own Exceptional Failures present “Cherry Mist,” a sonic escapade that defies convention and revels in the art of musical imperfection. This garage rock duo, comprising Corey Distler on guitar, vocals, and harmonica, and Dambo on drums, has masterfully crafted a track that transcends traditional genres, immersing listeners in an unapologetic journey through raw, unfiltered sound. “Cherry Mist” unfolds as a sweltering rock ‘n’ soul anthem, a composition seemingly about nothing in particular yet deliberately shrouded in delightful ambiguity. What emerges is not just a song but an experience—an invitation to navigate a landscape of thunderous drums, mesmerizing guitar riffs, and poignant vocals that wrap around the audience like a glitchy, emotive embrace.


Exceptional Failures embrace imperfection as a core tenet of their musical philosophy. “Cherry Mist” embodies this ethos, serving as a vessel for emotional energy. It’s a cathartic release, an unpredictable ride where each performance introduces nuanced changes to the lyrics, adding an extra layer of spontaneity and charm. Corey Distler’s vocals infuse the track with authenticity, while Dambo’s commanding drum beats provide the heartbeat of this sonic journey. The song transcends traditional structures, offering an ever-changing landscape of powerful instrumentals and sweet melodies.

The accolades garnered by Exceptional Failures, including a 2nd place in the 2023 High Sierra Music Festival Band Contest and participation in NPR’s 2023 Tiny Desk Band Contest, underscore their unique musical identity. “Cherry Mist” is more than a composition; it’s a sonic odyssey that invites you to surrender to the swirling mist of sound, providing an experience that is both exhilarating and timeless.

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