Entropy Vol.1, Unveiling the Boundaries of Pop Music

Baltimore-based artist Zach Seals, also known as a singer/songwriter, producer, and creative director, has unleashed a genre-defying masterpiece with “Entropy Vol.1.” This labor of love is a daring exploration of pop music’s boundaries, venturing into uncharted territory that defies TikTok formulas.

Entropy Vol.1, Unveiling the Boundaries of Pop Music

The single “Stand and Deliver, is a piano-driven, hook-laden ballad that delves into the nuances of honesty in conversations and the resilience needed to forge enduring connections. It marks a significant stride in Seals’ musical evolution, following his previous synth and piano-infused tracks like “A Whole New Life” and “Say Anything.”Zach Seals’ influences, including Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse, and Bjork, permeate through his music. Having performed extensively along the East Coast and featured on platforms like Sofar Sounds and University of New Hampshire Radio, Seals has garnered well-deserved recognition. “Entropy Vol.1” is not just an album; it’s an emotional odyssey. Each track unfurls a different facet of the human experience. “Midas” is a philosophical introspection, probing the meaning of life and human nature’s relentless pursuit of purpose. “Dearly Departed” delves into the turmoil of toxic relationships, encapsulating the struggle for self-worth and the courage to break free. “Kill Bill” ventures into the realm of righteous retribution, painting a vivid narrative of justice and vindication.

This album isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a reflection of a turbulent period, encapsulating both personal turmoil and the chaotic world at large. As Seals aptly puts it, “Entropy” encapsulates the process of turning inner chaos into something beautiful. With its evocative themes and groundbreaking sound, “Entropy Vol.1” stands as a testament to the boundless potential of pop music.

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