Enchanting Harmonies The Other Colors’ ‘Nous ne sommes pas au monde’ EP

“Nous ne sommes pas au monde” is an ethereal love ballad that transcends boundaries, beautifully delivered by Marie Möör. The song’s poetic verses delve into the profound themes of connection, communion, and the quest for purpose, all woven together by Laurent Chambert’s atmospheric soundscape. Hailing from France, The Other Colors, comprising vocalist and lyricist Marie Möör, and music composer Laurent Chambert, craft a unique blend of electronic and organic sounds. Their mantra, “Le bruit d’aujourd’hui, la musique de demain” (“Today’s noise, tomorrow’s music.”), encapsulates their distinctive sonic signature.


The project, born in 2007, emerged from a musical venture called Rose et noire initiated by the duo in 2003 in collaboration with the French label Discordian. Their influences span “chanson française,” jazz, and electroacoustic music, giving rise to a genre-defying sound. Noteworthy performances include a live radio broadcast on France Culture, captivating shows at renowned venues like Centre Georges Pompidou and Cirque d’Hiver, and a year-long musical residency at La Société de Curiosités in Paris.

The EP “Nous ne sommes pas au monde” stands as a testament to love’s grandeur, narrated through personal stories that resonate universally. The songs radiate a profound sense of expansiveness, aiming to touch the heart of the human experience. Marie Möör aptly captures the essence of The Other Colors, stating, “So I dug a tunnel. I found a way. Elsewhere. I have discovered an other reality. Other colors.” This sentiment encapsulates the band’s ethos, encapsulating their journey of sonic exploration and discovery.

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