“Empowering Rock: Dirty Mitts’ ‘Women’ Strikes a Chord”

“Women” by Dirty Mitts is a rock anthem that strikes a balance between classic vibes and contemporary themes. At first, it treads familiar territory, exuding a Saturday night aura filled with mischief and allure. However, as the song unfolds, it takes a turn, offering a broader and more profound appreciation for women. The clever use of the line “give me women on equal pay” serves as more than just a catchy hook; it’s a nod to pertinent contemporary issues finding their way into music. This integration of timely themes sets “Women” apart, showcasing Dirty Mitts’ knack for infusing classic rock with modern sensibilities.


The song’s transition from playful to reflective grants it a distinctive flavor, distinguishing it from typical rock ballads. It delves beyond fleeting moments and passionate evenings, seeking to capture the diverse facets of womanhood in its accompanying music video. “Women” embodies both a sense of nostalgia and a fresh perspective, earning it a noteworthy spot in today’s rock playlist. Dirty Mitts, a UK foursome, is set to release their EP “Hands Off!” on November 10th, featuring the scorching single “Women.” This track, along with their dynamic live performances, showcases the band’s talent and positions them as a rising force in rock music.

Their ability to fuse bluesy groove, hooky riffs, and vintage vibes with unbridled energy creates a sound that stands out. With previous singles gaining global radio play and impressive Spotify streams, Dirty Mitts is on an upward trajectory, and “Hands Off!” is bound to solidify their presence in the rock scene. If you’re ready to embrace the grit, get your hands on “Hands Off!” and experience the sonic prowess of Dirty Mitts.

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