Embracing Love’s Melody Monique Sherrell Brown’s ‘I’ll Stay’ Review

Monique Sherrell Brown, a multi-award-winning artist hailing from Queens, NY, unveils her latest ballad, “I’ll Stay,” a poignant addition to her upcoming project, “When I Say.” This single, embedded in blues with a fusion of rock, Americana, and country, exemplifies Brown’s commitment to diversity with her motto, “Music Knows No Color.”


Brown’s musical journey sprouted in 2012 when she ventured into the cabaret scene, courtesy of her colleague, Magee Hickey. From intimate venues like Don’t Tell Mama to Broadway Comedy Club, Brown’s vocal prowess echoed through the city. Transitioning from backup vocals in a country/blues band to a solo artist, she amassed accolades including two Fair Play Country Music & LDM Awards and nominations for the Josies and International Songwriting Competition. “I’ll Stay” narrates the tale of a woman yearning to escalate her relationship with a companion. Brown’s emotive delivery captures the essence of unrequited love, where longing and desire intertwine. The lyrics unveil the depth of infatuation and the longing to transcend mere friendship, resonating with anyone who has experienced the intoxicating allure of a newfound affection.

The song’s concept delves into the universal experience of falling for a first love, encapsulating the vulnerability and passion that accompany such sentiments. Brown’s soulful rendition and heartfelt lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia, drawing listeners into the intimate narrative of love and longing. “I’ll Stay” stands as a testament to Brown’s versatility as an artist and her ability to craft compelling narratives that resonate on a deeply emotional level. As she continues to weave her musical tapestry with “When I Say Project,” Brown’s latest offering serves as a heartfelt invitation into the intricate landscapes of love and human connection.

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