Eddie King & ReBoot, Rocking the Airwaves with “Fallen”

Georgia’s own Eddie King & ReBoot have unleashed a sonic powerhouse with their latest original single, “Fallen.” Led by the dynamic frontman Eddie King, the band comprises seasoned musicians Brian Wilson, Kevin Blocksom, and newcomer Melvin Scudder, collectively honing their craft for almost three decades.

Credit: Lisa Peters

“Fallen” serves as a testament to the band’s evolution, blending classic rock influences from luminaries like Jeff Beck and Led Zeppelin with a contemporary indie and alternative edge. The result is a blues-infused rock anthem that grips listeners from the get-go. At the heart of “Fallen” lies a tapestry of resonant lyricism, drawing inspiration from life’s myriad experiences. Eddie King’s soulful vocals soar above the driving rhythms and infectious guitar riffs, painting a vivid sonic landscape that resonates with authenticity and depth.

Beyond its infectious melodies, “Fallen” delves into themes of resilience and redemption, capturing the essence of the human journey with poignant sincerity. Each note reverberates with emotion, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the band’s narrative. As Eddie King & ReBoot embark on their musical journey, “Fallen” serves as a harbinger of greater things to come. With plans to release vinyl and electrify audiences with live performances, the band’s trajectory is set for meteoric rise.  “Fallen” encapsulates the essence of Eddie King & ReBoot’s musical prowess—a fusion of timeless rock sensibilities with a contemporary twist. With its infectious energy and heartfelt lyricism, “Fallen” stands as a testament to the band’s enduring legacy in the world of bluesy rock.


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