Eclectic Brilliance Unveiled: Gene Pritsker’s ‘Blues From An Airport Bar’ EP

Dive into the avant-garde world of Gene Pritsker with his latest EP, a musical odyssey featuring two extraordinary compositions. “Path,” an originally R&B track, transforms into a jazzy and operatic chamber piece that showcases the exceptional vocals of soprano Ljiljana Winkler. The sophisticated pop elements blend seamlessly with the groovy ensemble playing of the Solenne Band, creating a fusion that defies conventional genres. However, the true gem of the EP is “Blues From An Airport Bar,” a song cycle based on the poetry of Jacob Miller. Gene Pritsker masterfully combines blues influences with extended harmony and melody, offering a unique auditory experience. The music becomes a canvas for tone-painting poetic impressions, flowing with the rhythm of the expressive poetry. Ljiljana’s brilliant voice, accompanied by a talented ensemble featuring Saori Anraku on piano, Peter Oswald on trumpet, Kay Fischer on saxophone, Uli Fiedler on bass, and Harald Alt on drum set, breathes life into the composition.


Mixed and mastered by Uli Fiedler at Flip Top Studios, the EP showcases Pritsker’s eclectic approach to music. As a composer with over eight hundred compositions, Pritsker has been a trailblazer in combining diverse musical cultures. His collaboration with Marilyn Manson’s guitarist and producer, Tim Skold, promises an upcoming album that will further expand the boundaries of musical exploration. Ljiljana Winkler, an internationally acclaimed vocal artist, adds a unique dimension to the EP. Her range spans from early music to contemporary classical works and jazz, making her a perfect collaborator for Pritsker’s genre-defying compositions. Together, they create an artistic synergy that defies easy categorization, demanding attention and curiosity.

“Blues From An Airport Bar” is not just an EP; it’s a testament to Pritsker’s dedication to breaking down the segregation of sound vibration. With a backdrop of poetic inspiration, sophisticated arrangements, and exceptional performances, this EP is a must-listen for those seeking a musical journey beyond the ordinary.

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