Echoes of Longing I Panic’s Melancholic Anthem in ‘Laughing, Talking, Loving’

In the sonic tapestry woven by I Panic, “Laughing, Talking, Loving” emerges as a melancholic banger, a soulful testament to the yearning of distant hearts. Released on December 1, 2023, this art rock/classic rock single pays homage to the vibes of 80s/90s luminaries like Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, and David Bowie, with a distinct I Panic touch – a theatrical twist that leaves an indelible fingerprint.


The song unfolds a poignant narrative, portraying the bittersweet tale of two lovers separated by circumstances. In the absence of physical closeness, the lyrics beautifully capture the essence of longing and daydreams about the simple joys of companionship—walking hand in hand, sharing laughter, or dozing off together on a couch. The musical arrangement, a quintessential rock band configuration, features drums, bass guitar, piano, electric guitars, and the Hammond organ. I Panic takes on the multifaceted role of performer, producer, and, notably, a bass guitarist for the first time. The track’s dynamism is palpable as it gracefully transitions between relaxed verses and an energetic drive in the choruses.

With meticulous production and mastering by Headroom Mastering, “Laughing, Talking, Loving” navigates the delicate balance between uplifting and melancholic tones. The artist’s introspective endeavor successfully captures the complexity of emotions, offering a song that resonates as both a heartening anthem and a poignant ballad. After a hiatus since the release of “Forgot to Tell Me” in April, I Panic heralds a promising return with “Laughing, Talking, Loving.” This single serves as a precursor to an exciting lineup, teasing the release of eight new songs and revamped versions of previously unveiled tracks in the months to come. As the musical journey unfolds, I Panic invites listeners to explore the nuanced landscapes of emotion, where laughter, conversation, and love intertwine in a symphony of longing and connection.

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