Echoes of Freedom Antoine HLT’s Poetic Resilience

Antoine HLT’s upcoming release, a track from his anticipated third album “Acrostiche”, unveils a profound metaphor—a prisoner finding solace in gazing at the sky from the depths of a well. This poignant imagery is expertly translated into a song through the collaborative artistry of Antoine and his arranger, Josse. The composition radiates themes of mental fortitude, hope, and an unwavering spirit, promising a deeply uplifting experience for listeners. Influenced by the rich tapestry of French pop, Chanson française, and an infusion of 80’s stylings, Antoine HLT’s musical identity is a tapestry of diverse inspirations. His live performances at renowned venues like Les Muses à Pimodan and Théâtre de la Foucotte in France, along with international appearances at events such as the Fête de la musique, bear testament to his dynamic presence on stage.


The band’s participation as judges in the “Poésie en musique” award by the Société des Poètes et Artistes de France showcases their deep connection to the lyrical and poetic roots of their craft. Previous accolades from reviewers paint a vivid picture of Antoine HLT’s musical prowess, praising his ability to transform words into a spectrum of colors, blending vintage and contemporary elements seamlessly.

The recording process, overseen by Josse Gérard at the Josse’Singer Studio in Champigneulles, France, boasts an ensemble of talented musicians contributing to the track’s rich texture. Noteworthy additions include Damien Bestard on trumpet, Pierre Merciol on clarinet, Philippe Gatto on solo synth, and Antoine HLT himself lending his vocals and harmonies. An amusing anecdote surfaces—a chance encounter with a Quidditch team, an ode to the fictional sport from the Harry Potter universe, during a performance featuring this very song. A whimsical touch that adds to the band’s colorful narrative.

As Antoine beautifully puts it, “Il regarde le ciel Et ne retient des orages Que la lumière Sa liberté est éternelle” (“He looks at the sky And holds onto the light in the storms His freedom is eternal”). This sentiment captures the essence of their music, resonating with a timeless message of endurance and the pursuit of light amidst life’s trials.

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