Echoes of Dissent IndifferentMonkey’s ‘SCREAM’ Unleashes a Sonic Rebellion Against War

“SCREAM,” the latest single from INDIFERENTMONKEY, introduces a dynamic shift with the inclusion of their new vocalist, the remarkable 18-year-old Ellie Knowles. The infusion of Ellie’s vocals marks a transformative moment for the band, propelling them to new heights. The synergy between the band and Ellie is palpable, evident in the energy that radiates from their recent live performance.


Beyond the musical chemistry, “SCREAM” carries a weighty message, serving as an unequivocal anti-war anthem. The inspiration behind the lyrics stems from the turmoil that initially unfolded in Ukraine and subsequently echoed through the Middle East. The lyrics resound with a passionate call to action, urging listeners to unite against the madness of war. Lines like “Look to the East and let’s all SCREAM, No… fuck NO!” encapsulate the raw emotion and frustration echoing through the track.

Musically, “SCREAM” embodies INDIFERENTMONKEY’s distinctive fusion of Trip Hop and Heavy Rock. This genre blend not only sets them apart but also showcases their versatility in navigating diverse sonic landscapes. For those in or near London, the chance to experience the electrifying energy of “SCREAM” live is on the horizon. INDIFERENTMONKEY is set to grace the stage at The Bedford in Balham on January 25th, followed by an enthralling performance at TAM inside the Mercato Metropolitano in Elephant and Castle on January 26th. The combination of powerful vocals, impassioned lyrics, and a unique musical blend makes “SCREAM” a standout addition to INDIFERENTMONKEY’s discography, promising an exhilarating musical journey for both new and existing fans alike.

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