Echo Beach’s “Hunger” – A Dark, Captivating Descent into Desire

In a musical landscape often dominated by uniformity, Echo Beach emerges as a breath of fresh, darkly alluring air with their latest alternative rock track, “Hunger.” This brooding masterpiece delves deep into the human experience of succumbing to desire, even when our better judgment warns us otherwise.

Echo Beach

Drawing inspiration from musical luminaries like Wild Beasts, Klangstof, and Radiohead, Echo Beach has crafted a sound that is uniquely their own. Their producer-inclusive lineup has allowed them to pour their hearts into the creation of this track, and it’s palpable in every note.

The band, hailing from Amersfoort, is steadily making a name for themselves with their dark and melancholic sound. Influences from the likes of Radiohead and Slowdive are evident, but Echo Beach manages to put their own spin on these inspirations, creating something both nostalgic and contemporary.

Formerly known as TWINS, the band has already been on a journey of musical exploration. Their EP “The TWINS tapes” showcases their earlier work, but it’s their recent evolution under the name Echo Beach that’s truly turning heads. “Dust” and “The Lighthouse” introduced this rebirth, leaving audiences enthralled with their depth and energy.

Live performances by Echo Beach are a rollercoaster ride, blending dark, swelling synths, catchy melodies, and unexpected hooks that build to a climactic release. And on August 22nd, they unveiled “Hunger” to the world, a testament to their creative prowess and commitment to delivering music that resonates deep within the soul.

In a world craving authenticity, Echo Beach stands as a beacon of originality and artistic depth. “Hunger” is more than a song; it’s a hauntingly beautiful journey through the depths of human desire, a track that promises to linger in your mind long after the music fades. Echo Beach is a band that deserves your attention, and they’re just getting started. Get In Touch With Echo Beach on Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram,

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