Dreamy Depths and Sonic Reverie, Love Ghost’s ‘The Speed of Dreaming’ EP Review

Love Ghost’s EP, “The Speed of Dreaming,” ventures into the enigmatic realm of the subconscious, offering listeners a kaleidoscopic journey through emotions and dreams. With four tracks meticulously crafted in Mexico City, the EP transcends musical boundaries, inviting audiences to explore the depths of love, introspection, and self-discovery. The opening track, “Be Not Afraid,” sets the stage with its modern Pop Punk essence, delving into the intricacies of obsessive love. Produced by the talented Alex Pedrero, the song pulsates with infectious energy, complemented by an AI music video from the visionary Latvian artist, iastitraia. It’s a powerful introduction that grips listeners from the outset.


Following suit, “ESPEJO” emerges as a poignant fusion of Emo Alt. Rock and Acoustic Spanish Guitar influences, featuring lyrics in both Spanish and English. A collaboration between Love Ghost and Mexico’s El Santi, the track exudes raw vulnerability and introspection. Alex Pedrero’s production prowess amplifies the emotional depth, creating a sonic landscape that resonates with authenticity. “LUNA AZUL” transports listeners into a world of Emo-Pop-Rock, enriched by Spanish Guitar nuances and heartfelt melodies. A collaborative effort between Love Ghost and Mexican artists Helian and MONDE, the track captivates with its evocative lyricism and dynamic composition. Co-produced by BrunOG and Monde, “LUNA AZUL” embodies the essence of nocturnal reverie, inviting introspection and exploration.

Closing the EP is “Wallflower,” an acoustic ballad adorned with modern synth elements, crafted under Alex Pedrero’s meticulous guidance. The song emanates a sense of solitude and longing, weaving a narrative of quiet resilience and self-discovery. Accompanied by an AI music video from Polish artist Michal Toczek, “Wallflower” leaves a lasting impression, echoing in the corridors of the mind long after the music fades. “The Speed of Dreaming” encapsulates Love Ghost’s artistic evolution, reflecting their commitment to pushing creative boundaries and embracing diverse influences. With accolades from Rolling Stone and American Songwriter, and a strategic marketing plan led by Canal Mexico City, the EP heralds a new chapter in Love Ghost’s musical odyssey. As the band continues to traverse continents and collaborate with luminaries from around the globe, “The Speed of Dreaming” stands as a testament to their unwavering passion and innovation. With each track offering a glimpse into the multifaceted landscape of dreams and emotions, Love Ghost invites audiences to embark on a transcendent sonic voyage unlike any other.

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