Disco Sally Ralphy and Sam J. Garfield Craft a Vibrant Ode to Studio 54’s Iconic Dancer

In their latest collaboration, Ralphy and innovative producer Sam J. Garfield deliver a pulsating track, “Disco Sally,” paying homage to the legendary Sally Lippman, an emblematic figure of the Studio 54 era. Sally, a retired lawyer in her seventies, discovered a newfound vitality through nights of dancing at the renowned club. The song exudes an infectious blend of playfulness and allure, capturing the essence of disco’s golden age.


Garfield’s production sets a brisk tempo, with throbbing synths that mimic the flicker of lights on a dance floor. Ralphy’s vocals oscillate seamlessly between smoky allure and airy brightness, creating an irresistible groove that beckons listeners to sing along. The track’s energy is emblematic of Ralphy’s signature style, leaving an indelible mark on the listener. The lyrics, a collaborative effort between Ralphy and creative partner Matthieu McReina, unveil a world where individuals of all backgrounds revel in being “fun, sexy, wild, and free.” It’s a haven where even the most unconventional souls find solace. Together with Garfield’s genre-blending prowess, “Disco Sally” becomes a heartfelt tribute to the liberating power of self-expression on the dance floor.

While not the first joint venture between Ralphy and Sam J. Garfield, “Disco Sally” emerges as a standout collaboration, showcasing their combined artistry and dedication to honoring the legacy of Studio 54 through music that ignites the soul.

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