Dance the Misery Carving a Unique Sound, Blending Influences and Emotions

Matthew Green, the mastermind behind Dance the Misery, has been steadily crafting his unique musical identity. Originating from Kansas City but now based in Nashville, Green’s solo project emerged with the release of two singles in 2019, setting the stage for his debut EP, “Bad Feelings at Night,” in December 2020.


In 2023, Dance the Misery presents two new singles: “Too Shy” and “Tie-down.” Green’s mission is crystal clear – to meld elements from alternative music giants like The Smiths, The Cure, and the Smashing Pumpkins, coupled with a subdued, detached vocal style reminiscent of artists such as Elliot Smith and Grant-Lee Phillips. His goal? Crafting music that captivates and invites accessibility. Drawing from a wide array of influences, including Donovan, Fontaines DC, DIIV, and the Stone Roses, Green’s creative well springs from themes like love, outer space, twilight, and mid-century pulp novels, infusing his music with a distinctive, evocative flavor.

For Green, music serves as a powerful tool for expression, stemming from his personal journey in coping with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Beyond music, he’s an art director, and this visual artistry harmoniously interweaves with his musical creativity, enhancing the overall experience for his audience. As Green embarks on recording two new singles scheduled for release in spring 2024, he’s also in the process of assembling a live band, hinting at exciting live shows later in the year. With Dance the Misery, Matthew Green is not just creating music; he’s weaving a profound tapestry of emotions and experiences.

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