Dan De Leon Transforms Will Hutcheson’s ‘Next to You’ into an Electrifying Anthem

In the electrifying collaboration between New York City singer-songwriter Will Hutcheson and renowned DJ/producer Dan De Leon, “Next to You” receives an adrenaline-fueled makeover, propelling it into the realm of dancefloor transcendence. Released on September 29, 2023, this remix showcases Dan’s prowess in the dance music scene, cementing his status as a global circuit DJ and a master remixer. Dan De Leon’s reimagining takes Will’s original track on a thrilling journey through the dynamic landscapes of circuit energy and tribal house beats. It’s a sonic experience that’s bound to set any dance floor ablaze, elevating the listener’s heartbeat and pushing the boundaries of musical intensity. With precise production and no-nonsense grooves, Dan perfectly complements the romantic lyricism and endearing vocals of Will, creating a fusion that’s both daring and danceable.

The song’s origin story adds an extra layer of intrigue. Will initially composed “Next to You” on his ukulele, infusing it with a signature electropop flair in collaboration with Steven Shewbrooks of the band Kyven. The track delves into the universal theme of grappling with an irresistible but ultimately detrimental habit, offering a relatable narrative that resonates across ages. Released under the Valiant Horizon music label, “Next to You” is not only a testament to Will Hutcheson’s vocal prowess but also a testament to the power of a carefully crafted remix. Dan De Leon’s Extreme Circuit Mix injects a surge of energy into the track, creating an anthem that transcends genre boundaries.

This musical collaboration is a testament to the evolving landscape of dance music, where artists like Will Hutcheson and Dan De Leon continue to push boundaries and redefine what’s possible within the electronic music sphere. “Next to You” in its remixed form is an experience that demands to be heard, igniting a fire in the hearts of music enthusiasts and dancefloor devotees alike.

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