Crux’s “Empty Home”: A Melancholic Reflection on Lost Time

In these trying times of lockdown and isolation, Crux emerges with a poignant musical offering that captures the essence of the past couple of years. Their latest track, “Empty Home,” delves into the collective feeling of isolation that engulfed many during this period, poignantly touching on the sensation of losing two precious years that can never be reclaimed. The concept of entropy weaves through the song, reminding us that time relentlessly marches forward, and nothing lasts forever. Like a house left unattended, the pipes begin to burst, water pools, and mold creeps up the walls as the structure slowly sinks.

Empty Home

The lyrical depth of “Empty Home” finds a fitting partner in its melancholic guitar melodies and soft rhythm parts. The song gradually builds up, creating an emotionally resonant soundscape that mirrors the weight of lost time. Recorded at Blank Studios and produced by Sam Grant from Pigs x7, this track is a testament to Crux’s ability to craft meaningful and introspective music.

Crux, a band that expertly blends prog-rock with grunge, offers a unique sound that keeps listeners engaged and contemplative. Their songs delve into real-life global and local issues, setting them apart in an industry often filled with superficial tunes. The band’s virtuosic talents have garnered them praise, with a reputation for both their musical prowess and their conscious approach to their craft.

Crux has made a name for themselves in the local music scene of Newcastle, headlining venues like the Engine Room, The Globe, Little Buildings, HMV Newcastle, and o2 Academy2 Newcastle. They’ve also graced local festivals such as Scoop Festival, Afterlight Music Festival, and the Canny Fringe Festival. The band has received recognition from industry insiders, including being selected as one of the ‘2022 Favourites’ by Send Me Your Ears and gaining support from radio hosts like Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6 and Nicky Roberts on BBC Newcastle.

“Empty Home” serves as a testament to Crux’s ability to craft music that resonates deeply with listeners, providing a thoughtful soundtrack to these challenging times. With its release on August 17th, this track is poised to leave a lasting impression on those who appreciate music with substance and emotion.

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