Chloe Mogg’s “The Crazy One”, A Vibrant Musical Journey

Worcestershire’s own Chloe Mogg is a force to be reckoned with in the West Midlands music scene. Not just a singer-songwriter, but a vibrant storyteller, Chloe pours her colorful spirit into every project. Her debut album, “The Crazy One,” is a testament to growth, a coming-of-age record that delves into the nuances of self-discovery and self-worth. Having dedicated six years to crafting this album, Chloe’s passion shines through every track. “The Crazy One” weaves various themes, but a common thread runs through them all – the theme of identity. It’s a reminder that we are the protagonists of our own stories, encouraging us to prioritize our own well-being.


Chloe’s earlier singles, “Heaven Sent You” and “Better Off,” garnered high praise from esteemed sources like EARMILK, Planet Rock, and New Noise Magazine. The latter even claimed the top spot on Banks Radio, all the way in Australia! This album is a culmination of Chloe’s experiences, transforming heartbreak, childhood memories, and identity crises into a journey of personal growth. With themes of mental health, overcoming disabilities, and navigating heartache, the album offers a profound narrative of resilience. Engineered and mastered with expertise from Alex Vine Ruiz and featuring talented musicians like Ali Clinton, Jack Bowles, and George Cook, “The Crazy One” is a collective masterpiece.

Drawing from her folktronica roots, Chloe’s earlier EP ‘Thalamus’ received airplay on BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing. Her 2020 singles – “Judgement Day,” “Helping Hand,” and “Attack” – showcased her versatility. “The Crazy One” brings all these influences under one roof, resulting in Chloe’s most diverse work yet. Beyond her music, Chloe is a fierce advocate for raising awareness about ‘invisible’ illnesses. Her contributions were recognized by BBC Radio 1’s Minute of Me feature and BBC News, where she spoke about the challenges faced by musicians with disabilities. During the initial lockdown in 2020, Chloe co-founded The 7 Arts Still Exist, an online platform for artists and musicians to share their talents, earning accolades from BBC Radio 1 and culminating in the ‘Local Hero’ award at the AIM Music Awards in 2021.

In “The Crazy One,” Chloe Mogg invites listeners on a vibrant, emotive journey that not only celebrates her growth but also resonates deeply with anyone navigating the complexities of identity and self-worth. It’s a triumph of artistry and a testament to the power of embracing one’s true self.

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