Cheyenne Chronicles Justin Ready’s Sonic Ode to the Midwest Landscape

In the soul-stirring single “Cheyenne,” Justin Ready paints a vivid portrait of the Midwest’s sprawling landscape, infusing the music with a raw emotional intensity that resonates with listeners. Born in Onondaga, NY, and nurtured in the rural town of Hebron, NE, Ready’s sonic canvas captures the essence of love, loss, and the profound impact of his Midwest upbringing.


The deliberate incorporation of the Midwest’s desolate imagery becomes a poignant thread in “Cheyenne.” Through the lyrics, Ready masterfully explores the vast prairies, juxtaposing the untouched beauty with the encroaching farmland. This conscious effort lends the song a striking depth, inviting listeners to reflect on their own connections to the natural world. Recorded at Skylar Norwood’s Miracle Lake Studios in Camas, Washington, “Cheyenne” is more than a solo venture; it’s a collaborative masterpiece. The addition of Marcello Sanchez’s drumming provides a rhythmic heartbeat, while guest appearances from violinist Angie Kuzma and keyboardist Luke Matter enrich the composition, adding layers of sonic complexity.

The song serves as a musical journey through Ready’s life, from the Midwest to Austin, TX, British Columbia, and Portland, before finding a home in New Orleans. “Cheyenne” stands as a testament to the artist’s growth, reflecting on the emotional complexities of rural life and the inevitable evolution of personal identity. In essence, “Cheyenne” is more than a song—it’s an introspective exploration, a sonic diary that captures the essence of Ready’s roots. With its heartfelt lyrics, poignant melodies, and expertly crafted instrumentation, the single beckons listeners to embark on their own contemplative journey, connecting with the land that shaped them and the memories that linger in the vast Midwest expanse.

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