Chasing Shadows Hits a High Note with “Emily”

Chasing Shadows has once again graced the music scene with their latest single, “Emily.” This track seamlessly marries the infectious energy of indie rock with the spirited essence of pop punk. Released on August 18th across all major streaming platforms, “Emily” encapsulates the unmistakable Chasing Shadows style—memorable riffs, compelling melodies, and choruses that linger long after the music fades.


The band’s anticipation for “Emily” has been brewing since its inception in April 2022, culminating in April 2023 at the esteemed Orange Recording Studio in Penmaenmawr, North Wales, generously supported by BBC Wales Horizons/Gorwelion. As the fourth jewel in their highly anticipated EP, “Horizons,” this track is poised to carve a permanent niche in listeners’ minds.

Chasing Shadows’ prior EP garnered over 20,000 streams, a testament to their burgeoning fanbase. Their previous single, “Lost,” received resounding acclaim, earning airplay not just in the UK but around the globe, spanning countries like the Netherlands, South Africa, and Brazil.

The backing from BBC Wales Horizons/Gorwelion was instrumental in bringing “Emily” to life at Orange Sound Recording Studio—a pivotal moment in their musical journey. Their earlier works received accolades from radio stations and magazines worldwide, securing spots on platforms like Amazing Radio and BBC Radio Wales, with glowing reviews from Fresh on the Net.

Sam Roberts of Chasing Shadows enthuses, “From the second we first played this in practice, we loved Emily. It was one of those tracks that we just couldn’t stop playing, and it all came about so quickly. We’re really excited to finally have it out in the world for everyone to hear!”

“Emily” is just a taste of the musical feast Chasing Shadows has in store. With their upcoming EP slated for later this year, fans can stay in the loop by following Chasing Shadows on social media. Keep those ears primed—Chasing Shadows is soaring to new heights.

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