Carson Ferris Strikes a Chord with ‘Talkin’ to You’: A Spooky Twist on Pop/Rock

Released on October 20th, 2023, Carson Ferris’ latest single, “Talkin’ to You,” offers a fresh perspective on the Halloween season. Rather than delving into clichéd tales of werewolves and vampires, Ferris fearlessly addresses a universally relatable subject: the apprehension of expressing one’s feelings to a potential romantic interest, and the accompanying dread of rejection. In this hauntingly resonant track, producer Mykyl and mixer Adam Turley infuse a spine-chilling atmosphere, incorporating elements reminiscent of horror soundtracks. The distortion of Ferris’ voice and the unsettling instrumentation amplify the eerie ambiance, while a danceable beat and Ferris’ velvety vocals ground the track.


Ferris himself sheds light on the song’s concept: “Talking to You is a song about the scariest thing possible: telling the person you like that you like them. It’s super relatable because the fear of rejection is something that everyone has felt in one way or another. I loved making this song because it’s got a kind of spooky vibe that’s great for Halloween time, but it also can be listened to whenever you feel so inclined.” “Talkin’ to You” follows Ferris’ September release, “1999,” and diverges into a heavier rock-infused pop sound. Striking a balance between power and melody, the track finds its place in the pop/rock genre alongside hits from artists like the Jonas Brothers, OneRepublic, and Ed Sheeran.

At just 13 years old, Carson Ferris is already making waves in the music scene. Influenced by bands like Journey and artists such as Ed Sheeran, his music is accessible and relatable. Ferris dedicates his time to writing music, collaborating with producer Mykyl, and recording at Provo’s June Audio. “Talkin’ to You” is not just a Halloween anthem; it’s a poignant reflection on the universal fear of vulnerability and rejection, packaged in a pop/rock gem that’s bound to resonate with audiences year-round.

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