Bury My Heart In The Mountains – A Sonic Odyssey by Rothko

“Bury My Heart In The Mountains” unfolds as a sonic odyssey, with each track revealing a distinct facet of Rothko’s ambient mastery. The album opens with “Monte San Giorgio,” a mesmerizing blend of pastoral electronics and expansive bass. The sweeping soundscape sets a contemplative mood, inviting listeners into the ethereal world that Rothko meticulously crafts.


Following the inaugural piece, “Lyskamm” introduces spiky melodies that dance across the auditory canvas. The contrast between tranquility and dynamic energy keeps the listener engaged, showcasing Rothko’s ability to weave intricate sonic tapestries. The journey continues with “Monte San Salvatore,” where the depth of Beazley’s bass work resonates, creating an atmospheric backdrop that envelops the senses. “Säntis” introduces a play of spiky and melodic elements, revealing Rothko’s penchant for sonic exploration. The composition unfolds like a musical narrative, with each sonic layer contributing to the overall texture. As the album progresses, “Monte Tamaro” brings forth reverberations akin to depth charges, adding a cinematic quality to the listening experience.

The album is not merely an auditory exploration but a sensorial journey through ambient recordings from the Norfolk village of Brooke, further immersing the listener in Rothko’s atmospheric realm. Concluding with “Monte Brè,” the album leaves an indelible mark with its harmonious resonance. “Bury My Heart In The Mountains” is not just an album; it’s an invitation to transcend the ordinary and embark on a contemplative voyage through soundscapes carefully crafted by Mark Beazley and Rothko. Each track serves as a sonic chapter, contributing to a larger narrative of ambient beauty and experimental richness.

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