BreakTime’s “Specials”, A Seasonal Delight of Sonic Nostalgia

Nestled in the heart of New Jersey, where diners line the streets, BreakTime’s EP, “Specials,” takes inspiration from the classic American diner experience and infuses it with a refreshing blend of surf rock, power pop, and merseybeat. If you’ve ever savored a meal or created cherished memories at a local diner, this EP will resonate deeply with you.


The font used on the EP cover, borrowed from the daily specials menu at the Broadway Diner, holds sentimental significance for the band’s lead songwriter, Sean Manuel. Much like the ever-changing diner specials, “Specials” offers a seasonal assortment of musical flavors that define the BreakTime sound.

The EP opens with “Motor City Mama,” a nod to the Beach Boys, complete with the authentic revving of a car engine by lead guitarist Thommy Delaney. It’s a playful introduction that sets the tone for the musical journey that follows.

“Love And Harmony” channels the harmonious vibes of The Byrds, featuring an ethereal solo section adorned with rich vocal harmonies. “You Don’t See Me” infuses Motown influences with rhythmic shifts that keep listeners engaged.

“Octane” takes a psychedelic turn, led by rhythm guitarist Douglas Lupo on lead guitar duties. The instrumental track immerses you in surf rock with a modern twist. The EP’s closer, “She’s The One,” channels the spirit of The Beatles, offering an intense call-and-response vocal harmony experience.

“Specials” represents a significant step forward in production quality compared to their previous EP, “Great Times.” BreakTime continues to hone their signature sound, characterized by jangly guitars, groovy basslines, lush harmonies, and timeless songwriting.

BreakTime’s music is like taking a refreshing dip in the Hudson River on a summer’s day. It seamlessly blends the harmonic brilliance of The Beatles and The Beach Boys with a modern pop sensibility, creating a sonic celebration that resonates from their studio to your ears. “Specials” is more than an EP; it’s a musical journey through nostalgia and innovation, served up with a side of heartfelt reminiscence.

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