“Black Coco” An Exotic Musical Odyssey by Flaner Klespoza

In the vast expanse of untouched islands, far removed from the grasp of resorts and traveling influencers, lies a sanctuary where wide, empty beaches coexist with untamed jungles, and the rhythm of life flows at a tranquil, shared pace. On one of these paradisiacal islands, where the wind bends palm trees and thick rain imparts lessons in humility before the immensity of nature, the enigmatic Flaner Klespoza discovered the essence of the “Black Coco.”


“Black Coco” marks the fourth album by the mysterious Flaner Klespoza, and this time, the artist embarked on an immersive journey, dedicating himself entirely to the creation of music. Venturing into the heart of a tropical island, surrounded by the symphony of the jungle and the serenade of the sea, Klespoza composed and recorded the tracks that would culminate in this mesmerizing album. The album encapsulates not only electronic music but also incorporates field recordings from Klespoza’s island expedition. The result is a musical odyssey that captures the essence of the untouched paradise, where the artist delves into the harmonious interplay between nature and oneself.

“Black Coco” invites listeners to escape into the heart of unspoiled landscapes, providing a sonic experience that mirrors the slow ebb and flow of local life, the whispers of the wind, and the dance of heavy raindrops. In this auditory journey, Klespoza encourages us to find harmony by trusting the surrounding world and, most importantly, ourselves. The “Black Coco” is not just an album; it’s a portal to an untouched realm, a musical treasure chest crafted from the sounds of a hidden paradise.

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