“Beat of My Heart”, Murphy’s Electrifying Dance Anthem

Prepare to be swept away by the pulsating rhythms of “Beat of My Heart,” a track that promises to have listeners grooving and hitting replay. Tailored for curators aiming to inject energy, euphoria, and upliftment into their playlists, this dance, EDM, house, and pop gem is equally at home in gaming, party, and workout lineups. The dynamic collaboration between Murphy and Dan Mess is poised to infuse an irresistible, addictive vibe into your music selection, captivating a global audience.


Emerging from Canada, the 23-year-old powerhouse, Murphy, is rapidly etching her mark on the music industry. Her bold pop melodies already have audiences humming along, and she’s poised for a meteoric rise. Murphy’s distinctive sound, characterized by driving melodies and poignant lyrics, strikes a chord with listeners on a profound level, forging a genuine connection through shared emotions and experiences. Beyond her years, Murphy embraces life’s challenges, aspiring to offer solace and resonance to those navigating similar trials. Her music stands as an anthem, transcending the commonplace in modern lyricism.

From a young age, Murphy recognized her musical destiny, spurred on by those who doubted her ability to master the guitar at seven. What began as a spirited response to prove them wrong swiftly blossomed. Soon, she demonstrated extraordinary promise as a musician. Leading her church band and eventually becoming the youth worship leader, Murphy’s passion for music was unmistakable. In a school devoid of a music program, she boldly pursued her craft, often choosing to play guitar in lieu of participating in sports. High school provided a fertile ground for her talents to flourish, encouraged by teachers to explore new instruments, culminating in mastery of nine in total. While attending Grant MacEwan University for a Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Pop and Jazz, Murphy honed her skills, emerging with a versatility that transcends genres, particularly excelling in jazz.

Post-university, she crisscrossed between Canada and the United States, expanding her musical reach and forging invaluable industry connections. Performance venues across North America were quick to invite her to open for renowned acts, solidifying her reputation as an exceptional artist. Presently, she collaborates with prominent artists and labels in the EDM scene, often jet-setting to record and perform on the global stage.

Murphy’s signature sound is an amalgamation of her affinity for alternative and EDM music. Boasting over 750k+ streams on Spotify, her allure is irresistible, not just in her infectious melodies but also in her vivacious, bubbly persona. With live shows that are more than performances, they’re experiences, Murphy guides the audience through a journey of emotions, both theirs and hers. Unforgettable and boundlessly dynamic, Murphy’s musicality and fervor continue to astonish, offering up catchy melodies that will keep listeners coming back for more.

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