Ari Joshua Unleashes a Sonic Fantasy with “Dragons Layer”

In his third release, the virtuosic guitarist and composer Ari Joshua brings together an ensemble of legendary musicians from the avant-garde scene in New York City. The track features the exceptional talents of John Medeski on keys and Billy Martin on drums, both renowned members of MMW (Medeski, Martin, & Wood), along with the versatile bassist Jason Fraticelli from Cyro Baptista and Matisyahu. “Dragons Layer” isn’t just a track—it’s an auditory odyssey. From the opening notes, the listener is catapulted into a realm of suspense and intrigue, perfectly suited for the impending Halloween season. Ari Joshua’s composition is nothing short of a masterpiece, blending elements of cinematic grandeur, grunge grit, and classical finesse.

Ari Joshua

The title itself, “Dragons Layer,” hints at a world filled with fearless harmonies, where the composition weaves through intricate chord progressions, each theme unfurling like ripples in a pond. Ari Joshua’s guitar work adds a layer of intensity, perfectly complemented by the wizardry of Billy Martin on drums, the mesmerizing keys of John Medeski, and the shape-shifting bass of Jason Fraticelli. As the song unfolds, cascading melodies flutter and fade, leaving the listener to wander through the tapestry of imagination. The artwork by Martin Ontiveros captures the essence of the piece—equal parts comedy and adventure, mirroring the playful spirit that infuses “Dragons Layer.”

Recorded in an old barn near Woodstock, New York, “Dragons Layer” is the result of a multi-day recording session in April 2022. Ari Joshua’s creative process is a testament to the beauty of imperfection, as he crafts a musical narrative that defies genre constraints. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Medeski Martin & Wood, John Zorn, and Frank Zappa, Ari Joshua has birthed a sonic tapestry that resonates with depth and originality. In collaboration with jazz luminaries John Medeski and Billy Martin, Ari Joshua invites listeners on an unforgettable journey through the layers of sound, where dragons may have various meanings, but the music itself is a testament to the power of spontaneous creation. “Dragons Layer” is more than a song—it’s an experience.

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