Apollo Rising’s ‘Cherry Blossom’ Unveils Montreal’s Noir Mystique: An Independent Cinematic Overture

Apollo Rising’s latest offering, the music video for “Cherry Blossom,” is a captivating cinematic venture that thrusts its audience into the neon-drenched universe of 80s film noir. Crafted under the creative helm of director and producer David Sklubal, this visual spectacle unfolds against the stark yet intriguing backdrop of Montreal’s distinctive brutalist architecture, contributing an aesthetic richness that harmonizes seamlessly with the storyline. A precursor to Apollo Rising’s forthcoming debut LP, “Maybe In Another Life,” slated for a 2024 release, “Cherry Blossom” serves as a testament to independent artistry. Both the song and its visual counterpart were meticulously crafted without the backing of major labels, signifying a genuine commitment to artistic autonomy.


The video is a narrative-driven homage to the stylistic nuances of 80s film noir, immersing the viewer in a dystopian rendition of 80s Montreal. Protagonist Alex Horne, portrayed by Danick Coutu (Apollo Rising), navigates the ominous alleys of the city after receiving a cryptic letter featuring the enigmatic “Mystery Girl” (Sasu Isokpan) and a substantial sum of money. The cinematography, a masterful blend of colors, becomes a language of its own, intensifying the emotional cadence of each scene. From moody greens in mysterious sequences to blues accentuating Detective Horne’s moments of despair, the video crafts a visual narrative that mirrors the complexity of the plot.

Montreal’s brutalist architecture assumes a pivotal role, evolving beyond mere scenery into a character that breathes life into the narrative. The video orchestrates Detective Horne’s pursuit through iconic Montreal locations, offering a fresh cinematic lens to the city’s most dynamic spots. Drawing inspiration from classic film characters like “Rick Deckard” from “Blade Runner” and “Bryan Mills” from “Taken,” the video culminates in a climactic, red-hued fight scene. This intense moment leads to a narrative twist, where “Mystery Girl” intervenes to save Detective Horne. “Cherry Blossom” transcends the conventional music video experience, emerging as a visual banquet that seamlessly merges storytelling with aesthetics. It underscores Apollo Rising’s dedication to crafting immersive and independent artistic encounters, setting the stage for the highly anticipated debut LP, “Maybe In Another Life,” expected in 2024.

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