Anton Commissaris Strikes a Timeless Chord with ‘Love Somebody’

Anton Commissaris, the gifted singer from Menlo Park, California, has unveiled his latest R&B Funk-infused single, “Love Somebody,” available now on all streaming platforms. Drawing inspiration from musical icons like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, and Bill Withers, Commissaris delivers a contemporary gospel funk anthem that resonates as a timeless classic.


“Love Somebody” is an exuberant call to embrace love’s transformative power, weaving physical gestures with spiritual and earthly elements. With the fervor of a preacher, Commissaris urges us to embody these sensations and bear witness to love’s profound impact. The song’s chorus invites all to unite, rejoicing through dance, song, and shared hands in an eternal bond of love. The track’s dynamic composition features explosive drums, a resonant bassline, syncopated guitar riffs, lively piano, and vibrant horns. Commissaris’s vocals enter with an energy that propels the song’s message, culminating in a driving, syncopated pre-chorus supported by rich female background vocals. The track builds to a climactic sing-along chorus before unleashing a blistering lead guitar solo.

Anton Commissaris’s musical journey is rooted in a deep love for Jazz and Soul, drawing inspiration from legends like Cole Porter, Antonio Carlos-Jobim, Stevie Wonder, and Bill Withers. His distinctive style pays homage to revered vocalists like Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, and Donny Hathaway, as well as influential female artists such as Sarah Vaughan, Etta James, and Lauryn Hill. With six EPs and an array of original compositions under his belt, Commissaris’s dedication to musical creativity is palpable. His latest release, “Love Somebody,” is a testament to his ability to infuse timeless influences with a contemporary edge, offering listeners a soulful and uplifting experience.

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