Amnesiak’s ‘Harm’s Way’ A Haunting Descent into Dark Rock Realms

Amnesiak, the enigmatic dark rock newcomers, unveil a chilling masterpiece with their latest bone-chilling music video, “Harm’s Way,” a haunting journey into the shadows of terror. Directed by the acclaimed Kassandra Powell, a ‘Best Director’ nominee at the UK Music Video Awards, the video tells a dark and misty tale, echoing the ghostly voices and gloomy melodies that define Amnesiak’s sound.


“Harm’s Way” delves into the harrowing theme of a woman sexually abused and murdered by a stalker, providing a haunting backdrop for the band’s self-titled EP. The track, with its dramatic narrative, underscores the tragic repetition of innocent lives lost to senseless violence. The haunting vocals of Amnesiak’s singer and co-writer, Grace Wilson, are accompanied by the masterful instrumentation of Mark Gemini Thwaite on guitar and Matthew Setzer on bass guitar. The composition is further enriched by the multi-instrumentalist and composer Francesco Fonte. The video itself, beyond words, immerses the viewer into a dark and gloomy storyline, echoing the band’s commitment to exploring the depths of human tragedy. Masterfully crafted by Powell and sonically perfected by Platinum & Gold award-winning Sound Engineer Maor Appelbaum, “Harm’s Way” stands as a testament to Amnesiak’s emergence onto the music scene.

Formed during the depths of the 2020 lockdown, Amnesiak, founded by Grace Wilson and Francesco Fonte, quickly garnered the attention of high-profile musicians from the UK and the USA. Following the release of their debut single “Worms Of The Mind” and their self-titled EP, Amnesiak’s dark, chilling alternative rock promises to leave a lasting impact, signaling only the beginning of their haunting journey.

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