Alien Friends: Crafting a Sonic Odyssey with “NO SWEETS FOR E

In the musical landscape of “NO SWEETS FOR E,” the track “DIRTY DICK DIES” emerges as a gritty tale, delving into the demise of a ruthless character. Confronted with his mortality, he attempts a desperate negotiation with the divine, promising grand gestures in exchange for salvation. The narrative weaves a vivid story, devoid of a conventional chart-topping pursuit, instead focusing on pure storytelling and atmospheric resonance.


The masterstroke of “DIRTY DICK DIES” lies in its subtlety. The organ’s haunting undertone, a choice in music production, speaks volumes, showcasing the art of controlled emotion and energy in Alien Friends’ music. The deliberate choice to eschew a commercial “hit” sound in favor of narrative depth and atmospheric immersion is a testament to the band’s artistic integrity.

Alien Friends, previously a member of the Swedish band REDMOON, embarks on a solo journey with ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS. Through a string of singles and a co-produced double album, they amalgamate elements of power pop, folk, and indie rock. Yet, there’s an absence of nostalgia; instead, their lyrics exude contemporary, heartfelt, and often ironic sentiments, always grounded in unvarnished honesty.

“NO SWEETS FOR E,” the latest full-length album from May 2023, further propels this musical odyssey. The record boasts a collaborative effort from a diverse ensemble of musicians, including the versatile David Myhr, a prominent figure in the musical production. Noteworthy contributions also come from the steadfast companions in REDMOON: Daniel Lagerlöf, Åke Lindgren, and Johan Lundström.

“DIRTY DICK DIES” encapsulates a distinct edge, arguably the epitome of coolness on the album. The evocative saxophone, skillfully played by David Lennartsson, adds an additional layer of allure to this vivid sonic narrative. In “NO SWEETS FOR E,” Alien Friends carve a unique niche, transcending temporal boundaries to create a musical experience that resonates with depth and authenticity.

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