ALIA’s Raw Emotion Transcends Boundaries in Striking Debut Cover of ‘I’m Getting Off’

ALIA, in her debut single, takes on the emotionally charged “I’m Getting Off,” delivering a powerful, stripped-back rendition that resonates with fierce intensity. Collaborating with Steven Young (a.k.a Mr Nobody), the production captures a live ambience that is both soulful and raw. Steven’s poetic touch on the electric guitar harmonizes seamlessly with ALIA’s haunting vocals, creating an indescribable core that demands to be heard.


The lyrics of “I’m Getting Off” embody a strength that transcends personal struggles, offering a message of unity in the face of the difficulties inherent in our shared human experience. Whether addressing global issues, political turmoil, mental health battles, or personal relationships, ALIA’s rendition carries a profound resonance. It serves as a reminder that light can emerge from darkness and encourages listeners not to fear the inevitable battles life may present.

ALIA’s journey as a solo artist unfolds against the backdrop of a unique, year-long collaboration with Steven Young. Their “brotherly” bond manifests in the rich and emotional tapestry of “I’m Getting Off.” Originally written by Steven at the age of 16, the song found new life when shared with ALIA. The decision to release it on Christmas, a challenging time for many, reflects their intention to offer a healing song to those facing struggles during the holiday season. “I’m Getting Off” is not merely a cover; it’s a shared artistic expression that encapsulates the intertwined narratives of ALIA and Steven. In this debut, ALIA’s authentic and emotive delivery showcases her ability to convey a message of hope and solidarity, making her a promising new voice in the music landscape.

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