AGGRASOPPAR, the avant-garde rap-punk sensation hailing from the Faroe Islands, sets the stage ablaze with their latest single, ‘OMMACHEPANNEKÆK’ (GRANDMA MAKES PANCAKES). This audacious release is a precursor to their upcoming EP, ”MIDNÁTTARSANG (MIDNIGHTSONG),” scheduled to drop on March 22nd through Tutl Records.


In a musical odyssey that defies convention, ‘OMMACHEPANNEKÆK’ beckons the listener into a surreal nocturnal world where whimsy and nostalgia intermingle. AGGRASOPPAR, consisting of Dania O. Tausen, Eyðfinn Bogason Lamhauge, and Trygvi Danielsen, masterfully craft a sonic narrative that captures the peculiar beauty of returning home in the dead of night. The song unfurls like a dreamy escapade, narrating the peculiar encounter of being observed on a nocturnal stroll. With an eccentric twist, the scent of pancakes trails behind, invoking memories of a giant, sweaty grandmother who promised a late-night treat. AGGRASOPPAR weaves a vivid tapestry of surrealism, where reality collides with imagination, and the mundane is transformed into a fantastical journey.

‘OMMACHEPANNEKÆK’ transcends conventional musical boundaries, embracing a flowerpunk naprap aesthetic, as the band playfully experiments with a diverse repertoire. The lyrics delve into the comical chaos of preparing dinner for discerning guests, introducing elements of nightmare-like scenarios, singing octopuses, and temporal shifts between childhood homes and grandmothers’ places. This single stands testament to AGGRASOPPAR’s prowess in turning ordinary moments into extraordinary sonic experiences. Their fusion of rap and punk elements, coupled with a Faroese flair, makes ‘OMMACHEPANNEKÆK’ a delightful enigma in the musical landscape. As they tease the release of ”MIDNÁTTARSANG (MIDNIGHTSONG),” AGGRASOPPAR invites us to revel in the peculiar, where pancakes become symbols of maternal love and music transcends the expected.

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