Aayushi Unleashes Whimsical Folk-Pop Magic with “Beach Pockets”

Aayushi, the acclaimed folk singer-songwriter, is set to unveil her latest single, “Beach Pockets,” on September 8th, 2023. Departing from her customary introspective style, this release ushers in a fresh era of whimsical, joy-infused folk-pop. The track exudes a gentle, carefree atmosphere, embodying sentiments of gratitude and childlike elation.


“Beach Pockets” takes listeners on an organic journey, guided by Aayushi’s signature velvety vocals. The song deviates from her usual introspective tones, embracing an unusually optimistic demeanor through lively basslines and rhythmic acoustic guitar. Aayushi’s chorus proudly declares:

“I tried so hard to write a sad song/But my pockets are full of treasure”

The lyrics evoke imagery of shells, waves, and footsteps, painting a vivid picture of the simple joys found in life’s fleeting moments. Inspired by a poem about a leisurely stroll home from the beach, the song celebrates the act of cherishing seemingly insignificant treasures—a metaphor for holding dear the unique memories, experiences, and people in our lives.

Aayushi’s musical journey has been characterized by its tender vulnerability, often compared to a warm embrace. Influenced by artists like Rachel Sermanni, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Bright Eyes, she places lyrical depth and vocal sincerity at the forefront of her craft. Hailing from Birmingham, Aayushi’s musical odyssey began with keyboard lessons, later expanding to self-taught guitar and ukulele. Her self-released singles have garnered a global following, earning spots on notable playlists and accumulating over 7 million Spotify streams.

In addition to her musical pursuits, Aayushi is deeply entrenched in Birmingham’s poetry scene, further enhancing her artistic tapestry. She has graced prestigious venues like O2 Academy Birmingham and Symphony Hall, solidifying her status as a rising star in the local arts community. The release of “Beach Pockets” coincides with the culmination of Aayushi’s inaugural national tour, which saw her enchanting audiences at poetry and wellbeing festivals across the UK. This single serves as a heartwarming tribute to the power of gratitude and the profound joy derived from treasuring life’s simplest pleasures.


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