A Review of The Prophet Obblonge’s ‘Hostile Witness’ Album

The Prophet Obblonge emerges with a compelling narrative in his latest album, “Hostile Witness.” With each track, he weaves a tapestry of introspection, social critique, and existential inquiry, inviting listeners into a realm of profound reflection and revelation. From the confessional tone of “I Did It. It Was Me.” to the defiant proclamation of “No Society Reveres The Coward,” Obblonge’s lyricism is both raw and incisive. He delves into the depths of human behavior, unearthing uncomfortable truths and societal contradictions with fearless precision.


“Respect Is Unnatural” challenges conventional notions of respect, urging listeners to interrogate the underlying power dynamics at play in social interactions. Meanwhile, “Immediate Improvement” explores the relentless pursuit of progress in a world consumed by ambition and self-interest. In “Is This-,” Obblonge confronts the existential quandaries of existence, grappling with the elusive nature of truth and identity. The haunting melody of “Calculated Goal” underscores the album’s overarching themes of uncertainty and disillusionment. “Formulae Far Beyond” ventures into the realm of metaphysics, probing the limits of human understanding and the mysteries of the universe. Meanwhile, “Last Sermon Of Jesus, The Christ” offers a poignant reflection on faith, doubt, and the search for meaning in a world fraught with suffering. The enigmatic title of “The Original Sin” invites interpretation, serving as a focal point for introspection and philosophical inquiry. “In Response” channels Obblonge’s fervent passion for justice and social change, urging listeners to confront injustice and inequality head-on.

“Lake Orion Chat And Communications” offers a glimpse into the intricacies of interpersonal relationships, exploring the nuances of communication and connection in a digital age. “Better Than And Equal To, So Sue Me” challenges conventional hierarchies and societal norms, advocating for radical equality and liberation. “Business Of Managing Uncertainty” serves as a fitting conclusion to the album, encapsulating its overarching themes of ambiguity, resilience, and existential defiance. Through his music, The Prophet Obblonge invites listeners on a transformative journey of self-discovery and enlightenment, reminding us that truth and meaning can be found amidst the chaos and uncertainty of life.

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